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Second Medical Opinion

Specialists in Oncology at a distance

Sabemos que el diagnóstico de cáncer asusta y que pueden surgirte muchas preguntas. Queremos ayudarte a encontrar todas las respuestas y el mejor tratamiento disponible para ti. Somos un equipo multidisciplinar de profesionales especializados en la prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento del cáncer. Contacta con nosotros para una segunda opinión médica. Sin moverte de casa y no waiting.

At Omigen we know how important it is for you to have quality answers as quickly as possible. That's why with us you won't have to wait to be seen by an oncologist or surgeon. Whether online or in person, we arrange everything for your visit with our specialists without delays.

Price of the service 380 €.
Promotional price 199 €.

Why a Second Medical Opinion in Oncology?

To validate the treatment

Greater Peace of Mind

Request a second medical opinion to validate the diagnosis or treatment plan proposed by your oncologist.

To compare your options

Other Alternative

Ask for a second medical opinion to find out if there is an alternative that better suits your needs.

To be in the best hands

Qualified Physicians

Ask for a second medical opinion if you want to make sure you are in the hands of the best team of oncology physicians and surgeons.

How It Works


Application form. Fill in the form


Case Study and Analysis


Assignment of your Specialist


Second Medical Opinion Report


Free telephone consultation or video call

It is important that all documentation provided is up to date and has good resolution. We will need to validate your identity and all the reports you have.

Administrative documentationNational Identity Card on both sides or passport.

Medical DocumentationLast medical report issued by your specialist and images of the latest diagnostic tests (biopsy, CT, PET, MRI, blood tests, etc.).

Our Response Commitment

At Omigen Oncology Solutions we know how important it is for you to receive a quick response.

Fast and efficient

Immediate Report

Once we have all the necessary documentation, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. From that moment and within a maximum period of 3 working days You will receive the second medical opinion report via the e-mail address you have provided.

Our team will contact you by phone to arrange an online appointment with your specialist if you wish, having at your disposal 30 calendar days to benefit from this service free of charge.

No waiting lists

At Omigen there are no waiting lists as we do not have quota agreements with insurers, we manage each case on a case-by-case basis.

Does this mean that your insurance does not cover our assistance? On the contrary! Most insurance companies cover our services in full or in part. You will only have to consider the coverage of your policy, but we make it easy for you as we issue a quote that we send to your insurer so that you have an immediate response.

We protect your data

Medical information is very sensitive and at Omigen Oncology Solutions your peace of mind is our priority. For this reason we manage your medical history in a secure and confidential way through HTTPS protocols and a scrupulous compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Request a Second Oncology Medical Opinion Here

If you want our team of Oncology specialists to evaluate your case, you just have to fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

To offer you the best experience we use Docline, the most complete and secure telemedicine platform on the market. Register as a patient, fill in your personal information and, once your account is activated, attach your medical reports. It's easy.

Promotional price 320 €.


Fill the form


Request a second Medical Opinion


Documentation (DNI, reports and proofs)


Make payment

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Do you have any doubts?

Send us a message and our customer service team will contact you.

What Our Patients Say

We make sure our patients are in the hands of the best team and we want your experience to be unique. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
Catalina Castaño
After a few months with a lot of pain, I have been able to improve thanks to the invaluable help of Dr. Ordóñez. I am grateful for his empathy and professionalism, without his involvement it would have been very difficult for me to achieve.
Catalina Castaño
Sergio Estebanez
They accompanied us throughout my mother's illness, and offered us the answers that the other doctors were not able to offer us. True professionals.
Sergio Estebanez
Carlos Martin
During various stages of my father's prostate cancer, the OMIGEN team has helped me to advise my father in a quick and efficient way, in all aspects: confirming or clarifying the treatment, reassuring us about the adverse effects of the medication and knowing how to distinguish between the dangerous and the normal ones, interpretation of results and trends of the indices (PSA, etc...). Fantastic team and fantastic people.
Carlos Martín Díaz Espada
Maria Jose Ruiz
Thanks to them, my family coped better with my father's hard blow. Medical and psychological care 10. I would recommend them to all families going through this.
María José Ruiz
reyes mota
In difficult times when family members do not know how to act, having professionals who personalize your case and give you answers and help the patient with this very hard disease is very important, they do a great job, congratulations.
reyes mota ernandez
Daniel Segura Aparicio
Fantastic and friendly treatment. Great people and professionals that you need by your side in a hard moment.
Daniel Segura Aparicio
Lucas Carrasco
They make your life easier in the moments of greatest difficulty and when you may be most lost... essential.
Lucas Carrasco
Duarte Road
Very good experience. They gave us a very quick reply with a second medical opinion about our diagnostic in oncology. Very efficient, very reliable and convenient way to control symptoms and pain remotely with good professionals help.
Duarte Road
May Alés
I requested their second opinion and translation services and am delighted with their work. Really professional, fast and reliable. I will trust them again without hesitation. Thanks to the whole team!
May Alés